Are you aware of your online statistics?

Many companies today do not know how many people visit their website, much less their actions when they do. It is often difficult to quickly and easily get an overview of the essential statistics.

We believe that knowledge is the key to good business and making relevant decisions. Whether you want to keep track of your numbers or you are an experienced user who wants to connect statistics from search engines to social media, VIVA Report is the service designed for you.

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Your online statistics - All in one place

Search engines, social media and other marketing channels usually have fantastic tools to measure and present data. Unfortunately, you need a lot of time and technical knowledge to harness it all.

VIVA Report is a tool that helps you clearly understand what is happening within your digital presence. It is a quick, simple way to analyze the traffic you are getting, as well as its effects. Set up the channels you would like to monitor in just a couple of minutes — all you need to do is give us access and we'll take care of the rest. Everything is web-based, eliminating the need for software or apps, and the data is presented quickly and easily to give you an instant overview. Data is stored in your account to make sure you can always access your historic data and statistics.

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration gives you detailed statistics on all traffic to your website.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an excellent way of increasing the amount of visitors to your website. VIVA Report makes it easy to track your expenditure and results.


Connect your Facebook account to VIVA Report and follow the growth of your Facebook page.


Connect your Twitter account to VIVA Report and follow the progress in one of the worlds biggest social network.


Connect your Instagram account to VIVA Report and gather the statistics from the biggest photo­-sharing social media.

YouTube (Coming soon)

Videos are exploding, so make sure your YouTube account is connected to VIVA Report and follow how your videos are spreading.

Linkedin (Coming soon)

Connect your LinkedIn account to VIVA Report and follow the growth in the worlds biggest professional network.

Search Engine Optimization

Get overview of the traffic from those who sought your products or services on search engines and found you among the top results in the hit list.

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Administration and acclimated statistics on all connected accounts

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